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My Resin rebranding

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About My Resin

Every person is unique and therefore every interior should be unique. An interior is a reflection of you as a person, so that you can feel at home optimally. But why then do people still dress their homes so much with impersonal pieces of furniture without any story? Where has the uniqueness, personality and feeling of being at home gone?

This is an issue that Resin Artist Faralda Takkenberg has been dealing with for quite some time and tries to solve this problem with her unique range of hand-cast furniture such as: tables, home accessories and wall furniture.

The request

Faralda Takkenberg is the artist behind every product she makes with My Resin, but customers, fair visitors and partners always see her as the seller of the product and not as the artist. When Faralda explains that she is the artist behind My Resin, it always comes as a surprise. While after this explanation there is always a lot more interest from the target group and nice conversations follow. A missed opportunity!

So the question to us: How can Faralda make it clear that she is the artist behind the My Resin brand?

A saloon table by My Resin

Our approach

The My Resin brand was built entirely around the products and the material, but the artist remained hidden in most cases. After a good conversation with Faralda and a short analysis about the future of the company, we quickly realized that we had to draw the type of brand to a personal brand.

Based on a BrandCheck and a number of BrandCore sessions, we defined its target groups, core values and identity. We quickly developed a strong foundation for the brand on which we could further develop the identity.

A picture of Thom and Maarten doing BrandDesign

The result? Scroll down!


In the BrandCore sessions, a good picture emerged of what was possible for the My Resin brand. That is how we came up with graphic elements, colors, fonts and of course a unique twist to give the brand its own identity. This identity first took shape on the created stylescapes. The stylescapes provide a nice overview of what is largely possible within the chosen core values and style elements and tackles many issues before the design process begins.

A picture of a stylescape for My ResinA picture of business cards for My ResinThe My Resin logoA visual with social media content for My Resin

Design & Style guide

After choosing the stylescape, we expanded it into a complete style guide and we started making the first expressions in parallel, such as: the logo, social media posts and advertising options.

The style guide has become a complete overview with clear rules for drawing up of communication expressions. These can be used by Faralda as well as the designers she hires. The function of the style guide is to guard the identity and ensure that the continuity of the brand is maintained.

A mockup of the My Resin brand manual

BrandCore book

All valuable information from the BrandCore sessions is summarized in a clear overview - also called the "brand book". In this book the brand is described from start to finish and is a nice guideline for the people who get started with the brand.

What was included in the book was a unique brand story and a short and long term strategy. This has been included so that Faralda has a clear overview of the priorities she can work on to further grow the brand.

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“BrandBros have made my brand clear and focussed from A to Z. During the BrandCore and BrandDesign sessions, you feel their passion for the craft. The guys work with broad knowledge, good communication, and a clear plan, making the process smooth. BrandBros is definitely recommended for a healthy brand.”

A picture of Faralda Takkenberg of My Resin

Faralda Takkenberg
My Resin

We helped My Resin with BrandAdvice, BrandCore & BrandDesign.

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