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Refocussing Jean Haasbroek

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About Jean Haasbroek

Being an entrepreneur is a tough job that is not for everyone. Entrepreneurs work a lot of hours and work very hard. They have a mission that they pursue to change or improve something. But in many cases, entrepreneurs hide behind a business mask, a nice suit or a sales pitch. And that’s a shame, because it has been proven that people are looking for real stories that inspire us. 

Every entrepreneur has his own, unique story that makes him and his company special and photographer Jean Haasbroek knows better than anyone how to capture that story with photography. “My eyes and the lenses of my camera see the exact same image: the pure, true, authentic story in you.”

The request

In the past, Jean has positioned himself as a graphic designer who also photographs. For a number of years, Jean has the desire to position himself as a photographer so that he can throw himself 100% on his passion. However, after the switch to photography, a number of problems arose: unclear positioning, too broad a target group, and a brand foundation without clear brand essence.

So the question to us:
“How can I get my brand and company sharp again, so that I can tell a clear and inspiring story about ‘real photography’ for myself and my target group.”

A picture of Jean HaasbroekA picture of Maarten during a BrandChat session

Our approach

The first step towards a better brand was a BrandAdvice session in which we, together with Jean, mapped out the problems surrounding his brand. The conclusion of the session was that it was unclear what the company should do, for whom and why. We have created up a clear step-by-step plan to solve this problem.

The first step in the step-by-step plan was four BrandCore sessions. In these sessions we created a complete brand profile, a clear positioning, an insightful target group and summarized it in a BrandCore book. When the entire brand was clear, the new brand essence was created: #MAAKHETECHT (Make it real).

The result? Scroll down!

The BrandCore book

The best way to clarify Jean’s new brand foundation is with a BrandCore book. In this book all parts of the brand can be found, from the brand essence to the target group profiles. This handy reference guide ensures that everyone who works on the Jean brand knows exactly what the brand is and what it is not. Finally, a copywriter would like to know which tone-of-voice Jean’s lyrics should have. A web designer would like to know the brand essence so that he can create an effective hero section for a new website.

A mockup of Jean Haasbroek his new BrandCore-bookA visual displaying a page of Jean Haasbroek his BrandCore bookA visual of Jean Haasbroek's BrandCore book
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“By asking the right questions and mapping them, BrandBros gave me a lot of insights and helped me tremendously to clarify my course. The sessions were very down-to-earth, creative and fun. The result of their advice, insights and help for my brand is unprecedented and has more than paid for itself.”

A picture of Jean Haasbroek of Jean Haasbroek Photographer

Jean Haasbroek
Jean Haasbroek Photographer

We helped Jean with BrandAdvice & BrandCore.

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